July Special


Silk & Spice Red Blend, 2015 Vintage

Silk & Spice represents the exceptional flavors made possible by the Portuguese terroir and indigenous grapes, and also the exotic spices and aromas that Portuguese explorers discovered from the ‘silk and spice’ routes to the far east in the 1500’s.

Silk & Spice is a testament to Portugal; and with its quite literal ‘silky and spicy’ taste profile, it is a celebration of Portugal’s capacity for silky, exotic wines with deep, rich layers and intense berry-fruit flavors.

Intense red-ruby colored red wine blend characterized by aromas of ripe red fruit combined with hints of vanilla, mocha and spices. A balanced taste, with very soft tannins and a long and persistent finish.

750 ml bottles of Silk & Spice Red Blend, 2015 Vintage - Regular Price $12.99, Wine of the Month Price $10.99!!!

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