Beer of the Month

12 pack bottles

Regular Price $16.99

Beer of the Month Price $13.99

4 pack cans

Regular Price $7.99

Beer of the Month Price $6.99

Local Features


Lupulin Brewing, Big Lake MN

4 pack cans $10.99
Hooey, Blissful Ignorance, CPB


Bent Paddle Brewing, Duluth MN

ESB, Bent Hop, Black, Venture Pils
6 pack cans $9.99 originally $10.99

Kanu Pale Ale, Classic Cream Ale

6 pack cans $8.99 originally $9.99

I went to Harbor Wine and Spirits a few weekends ago and they didn't carry what I was looking for, but last weekend I went in and they had started selling it because of my recommendation! It was an awesome surprise and I really appreciated them being so personable with [+]