July Special


Excelsior Brewing

Lake life, distilled.

Our mission is to celebrate the rich history of Lake Minnetonka and historic Excelsior by delivering superior brews hand-crafted in their image. We are a locally-based brewery committed to stewardship of the Lake and dedicated to serving her surrounding communities. Our brew was created to honor lake life, and ultimately, to complement it.

6-pack bottles and 12-pack cans and bottles of Excelsior Brewing beers are featured as our beer of the month for July.

Excelsior Brewing - 6-pack bottles - Regular price $9.49, Beer of the Month Price $7.99; 12-pack cans and bottles - Regular Price $17.99 Beer of the Month Price $15.99

My favorite thing about Harbor Wine & Spirits is their contributions back to Mound; they truly care about their local community and are such nice [+]