Beer of the Month


Corona, Corona Light, Corona Premier, Pacifico, Modelo Especial & Negra Modelo

All 12 pack Bottles & Cans

Regular Price-$15.99

Beer of the Month Price-$14.99


Pompeii 16oz 4 Pack Cans

Regular Price-$10.99 Beer of the Month Price-$9.99 Pseudo Sue 4 Pack 16oz Cans

Regular Price-$11.99 Beer of the Month Price-$10.99

Cider of the Month


All 4 Pack 16oz Cans

egular Price-$9.99 Cider of the Month Price-$8.99

Local Craft Brewer Feature


All 4 Pack 16oz Cans Regular Price-$10.99 & $8.99

Local Feature Price-$9.99 & $7.99


Holiday Beer Future

Weihenstephaner Brewing

All 6 pack bottles

Regular Price $9.99-Holiday Feature-$8.99

Harbor Wine & Spirits has a friendly and knowledgeable staff with a great selection of wine, craft beer and spirits plus a good selection of Minnesota brews and wines too. I always find what I am looking for at Harbor but if I can't, I know I can ask and they'll do their best to get my special request in [+]